The Twisted Currant Tea Room started life on the 28th November 2014.

The tea room was previously a cafe which had the kitchen and tables in the same room. After moving the kitchen into the back of the tea room we were able to refurbish the front with a new floor and counter with new furniture and decoration. We now have a toilet and a baby changing mat and are always planning and adding new features.

Susan and Michael, the proprietors, now provide breakfasts, light lunches and lashings of cakes and cream teas.

The Name

We are often asked where the name came from.

We were originally going to name the tea room "The Beech Hut" but it was pointed out to us that we are not actually on the beach. We then thought of "Sea Breeze" but the Sea Drift restaurant is only a few doors away. We then spent hours on the internet looking for nautical or harbour names when Aimee, one of our daughters suggested "The Twisted Currant". 

This instantly made it the natural choice for its typically British quirky nature and linguistic playfulness with currant as in raisins, the sea current and current as in time; and we are all a little bit twisted. If nothing else, it's easy to remember and we are the only Twisted Currant in Google.

The Staff

The tea room is not complete without our staff, all working hard in the background to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Paula - Extremely capable in the kitchen and in the front of house. Always a chirpy smile and comment.

Alex - He makes the simplest meal taste truly delicious.

Debbie - Our newest cook and sister to Paula. Hard to tell them apart in looks and cooking skills.

Mary - Our head waitress. Multi tasking is second nature to her and she is a real treasure.

Olivia - Magic coffee and front of house.

Elenor - KP and waitress. Friendly and frightenly efficient.

Molly - KP, young, keen and hard working. A real treasure.

Tegan - KP and waiter, same as Molly and always service with a smile.

Ryan - KP. A wizard in the kitchen and hard at work with the dish washer.

Susan and Michael